Flooding - Council Highways Restructuring

June 26, 2019 9:42 AM
Originally published by Heather Kidd

Dear All

Shropshire Council has decided to 'restructure' Highways.

We all knew that was to happen but not when or how! It actually occured on 1st June and no one told Worthen with Shelve or Chirbury with Brompton Parish Council that we had been 'moved' into Central Division. So now we have unknown officers who do not know our area at all in charge. Wow all that learning and explaining to do….. there are now ongoing discussions about this. It is all a mess and things are still not getting done. If anything its worse. I will keep you updated.

Flooding today and the week before. .

I asked for gullies to be cleared and mud to be swept up. The gullies were not cleared and so the flooding today was far worse than it should have been. I have progressed this to asked for it to happen this time!

Brookside, Worthen.

Flooded again preventing carers getting in, and NHS workers getting out - amongst others. I witnessed a lady having to have a neighbour collect her wellies to get back home today. I have now asked Land drainage to attend a meeting with local people, the Parish Council and me.

I have reported all the serious floods I found this morning. Some pictures attached above. Also Stockton, Rorrington to Marton, Chirbury to the Folly Cottages, The Leigh Road and more.

Brockton Bridge

I have asked for the second arch to be cleared again. The water is getting perilously close to the top again. This must be done again this year.

A488 potholes

I have reported the huge ones several times. I have several reports of serious damage to wheels and tyres. They have white paint… but when will they be filled? I have sent damage pictures to senior officers now.

More potholes

There are a list of others also reported in Worthen, the Leigh Road edges, Priest Weston - again as the school bus is still having problems and so is everyone else., the poor state of the B4386 from Worthen to Dumbleholes, Shelve, where the road is no longer fit for purpose and also the road to Shop Farm in Rorrington again the road is no longer fit for purpose, the water at Crows Nest etc etc. etc.. There are more

Grass cutting

This is poor across the County. The grass in the paly area in Brockton has been treated like a hay field and now left for a second cut. The grass in the Hawthorns has not been cut again. This happens every year. They never remember - and its still not done.