Bedford Homeless Partnership Charter

December 2, 2019 8:00 AM
Originally published by Dave Hodgson - Mayor of Bedford Borough
Mayor Dave Hodgson at Somewhere Safe to Stay

Mayor Dave Hodgson at the Somewhere Safe To Stay Hub

Ahead of this week's Homelessness Awareness Week, Bedford Homeless Partnership launched a Charter that was co-produced by organisations and people with lived experience of homelessness to bring together businesses, educational establishments, organisations, politicians and the general public to help end homelessness in our borough.

I was pleased to make my own pledges, these were:

  • I pledge to ensure that homelessness and rough sleeping remain a top priority for Bedford Borough Council.
  • I will ensure that we continue to lobby the government to prioritise homelessnes and rough sleeping nationally.
  • I will ensure that Bedford Borough Council respects the rights of homeless people and work to ensure homeless people can continue to access all our services.
  • I will continue to regularly meet with people with lived experience of homelessness and those working in the sector, and visit services.
  • I will continue to promote the excellent work being done by both the voluntary and statutory homelessness sector in Bedford Borough.

You can also make a pledge here.