LibDems get top score on humanist issues

November 9, 2019 4:16 PM
Originally published by Humanist and Secularist Liberal Democrats

Humanists UK have published their scorecard for party policies on key issues for humanists, ahead of this week's General Election.

The Liberal Democrats are the ONLY party to score a "YES" in every single policy area:

  • Legally recognising humanist marriages;
  • Making school assemblies inclusive;
  • Extending "Religious Education" to cover humanism;
  • Ending religious discrimination in school admissions;
  • Including LGBT+ relationships in Relationship and Sex Education;
  • Removing bishops seats from the House of Lords;
  • Introducing an ambassador-level post for global freedom of religion and belief;
  • Decriminalising abortion, and creating buffer zones around abortion clinics;
  • Retaining the Human Rights Act.

Labour policy on schools is generally to support discrimination, although their record in other areas is good.

Conservative policy is generally absymal, much as you'd expect.

The Greens generally score well, and the Brexit Party has no policy at all in most areas.

You can find the scorecard here.