Boris Johnson has yet again caused more upset by acting late

December 19, 2020 5:00 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

My heart goes out to the millions of families who after a very tough year were looking forward to Christmas with some sense of normality.

The sad fact is the Prime Minister has caused more upset by yet again acting too late.

The writing was on the wall last week when we asked Boris Johnson to listen to the scientists. He was warned that, if he had to cancel Christmas, he mustn't leave it to the last minute.

Yet Johnson ignored our warnings and refused to take the tough decisions he is paid to take.

Let's be clear about why we are in this mess. From the late first lockdown in March, to the delays sorting out PPE, test trace and isolate and the care home tragedy, Boris Johnson has never got a grip, and his Government has left our country with one of the worst death rates and most damaged economies in Europe.

Boris Johnson is truly a hopeless Prime Minister. He and his party have totally failed our country when all people wanted was strong leadership through this crisis.