Daisy, diversity & deliveries

January 11, 2021 12:00 PM
By Lisa Smart
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Last month's Federal Communications and Elections Committee (FCEC) kicked off with a productive Q&A with deputy Leader Daisy Cooper. Daisy's approach to collaborative working across parts of the party was warmly welcomed and FCEC expressed its support, and desire to assist, Daisy's ongoing work to support a diverse range of candidates to stand.

We were pleased to note the progress made by the State Parties on the approval process for parliamentary candidates, which has needed to adapt to the online-only world in which we are currently living. The Thornhill Review specifically pointed to the need to select strong candidates early in a Parliament, to maximise their chances to campaign, and we wish to thank the unsung heroes doing the behind the scenes work to make it all possible.

Looking ahead, we considered the latest analysis of our prospects in the next few General Elections. It remains vital to take a wholistic view, which means planning not just for 2024, but 2028 and beyond. This is not the space for a full explanation, but the party must remain realistic about what can be achieved in a single election and watchful of developments to the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act.

Encouragingly, progress on our communications strategy continues apace. To win elections, we need to be heard by the public, more importantly we need the public to hear how our values relate to solving the problems that matter most to them.

We meet again on the 27th, our first meeting since the country returned to lockdown. Ed's response to the government's shocking failure to act sooner has set the groundwork for a Lib Dem vision for a fairer, safer, and economically more sensible approach to the crisis. For activists, please read our latest advice on campaigning; for everyone, stay safe!