Speeding through rural villages

April 3, 2021 2:04 PM
Originally published by Heather Kidd

We have had consistent problems with traffic speeding through our villages. Marton residents have had an accident with a speeding vehicle hitting cars and a roadside building. If anyone had been on the pavement they would have been killed.

A public meeting with the road safety office present has not brought any changes and Covid seems to have meant that many drivers have stopped believing that villages have residents, old and young who use the pavements and cross the road.

Local Parish Councillor, Maureen Jenkins and I made our own posters and put them up! (see picture)

A local company was also asked to ask their drivers to keep to the speed limit - which they were pleased to do!

I have since had requests for posters in Stiperstones, Worthen and Brockton, Bentlawnt, and Chirbury. I will be making then and putting them up in the next week.

My colleague in Clun Division has also been asked to supply some and Cllr Nigel Hartin will be rolling these out where requested.


Ps: Photo - Maureen and I putting up posters in Marton recently ..

The traffic through our villages has forgotten people live in them. Villagers and their children deserve to be safe from speeding, dangerous drivers, please keep to the speed limits - 30mph or less.