Council promoting support for people with disabilities wanting to work

May 24, 2021 8:00 AM
Originally published by Dave Hodgson - Mayor of Bedford Borough

Bedford Borough Council logoBedford Borough Council and partners are raising awareness of the support and advice on offer to residents with a disability who want to get into work.

A new web page on the Bedford Borough Local Offer website has been created with information and advice for both people with a disability looking for work and for potential employers

The new webpages are accompanied by a series of short videos, with employees and talking about their own experiences and challenges in being confident enough to apply for a job and what it means to them to be working, and insights from their employers.

Alex said, "I was so worried that, with my disability, I wouldn't be able to do something like this. Coming into work every day just makes me feel important."

Tyler says, "Having a job, what I've found is that you can buy things… that you would like, with your own money… If you did have a disability, there is support out there. You can still find work"

Natalie said, "You can exceed, achieve and be who you are, because having a disability like autism and learning disability, or any disability should not get in the way of your life."