2022 Executive Elected

December 1, 2021 3:15 PM
Originally published by North West Liberal Democrats

Lib Dems Winning Here posterThe regional executive elections results have declared our new team of regional officers for the North West Liberal Democrats in 2022.

The regional party is led by an executive group with a team of lead officers on various aspects of our work, such as organising training, putting on conferences and conducting candidate selection.

The following members take office from 1 January 2022.

  • President: Jackie Pearcey
  • Chair: Jane Brophy
  • Treasurer: John Skipworth
  • Secretary: Alex Warren
  • Vice Chair Campaigns: Iain Donaldson & Chris Twells
  • Vice Chair Candidates: David Crowther
  • Vice Chair Conferences: Tim Young
  • Vice Chair Membership, Diversity & Inclusion:
  • Vice Chair Policy:
  • Vice Chair Standards & Practice: Mark Clayton
  • Ordinary Member: Dominic Hardwick, Tim Pickstone, Iain Donaldson, Sebastian Bate, Oliver Bradfield, Kev Benfold, Stan Collins, James Tattersall.
  • English Council Representative*: Jane Brophy (as Chair), John Skipworth, Tim Young, Stan Collins, James Tattersall, Alex Warren, Tim Pickstone, Oliver Bradfield, Chris Twells, Iain Donaldson, David Crowther, Jackie Pearcey
  • Regional Candidates Committee (elected section): John Skipworth, James Tattersall.