New wheelie bin for recycling cans, glass and plastic -

January 17, 2022 3:41 PM
Originally published by Heather Kidd

All householders in the Shropshire Council area can now request an additional wheelie bin for recycling cans, glass and plastic. The bin - which is optional and free for householders- can be requested online at The first bins are set to be delivered from May this year, starting in the south Shropshire area, and then being rolled out across the county. The bin will replace the existing black recycling boxes, and help to increase the amount of waste recycled by providing households with a larger container. It will also reduce the amount of waste lost to the recycling process after being blown out of the boxes on windy days. Some households may not want a bin due to housing layout or the lack of storage space for the bin. In these circumstances, households may continue to use their existing waste containers, as will those households who simply prefer to use boxes. For more information go to