Heather's report for village news letters May 2022

May 13, 2022 6:37 PM
Originally published by Heather Kidd


Once more we are threatened with more diversions and delays as Shropshire Council's contractors KIER propose a whole load of road closures for June and July without reference to the needs of community services or even coordination with their activities elsewhere in the area. They are currently proposing closures on the B4386 and the A488 simultaneously! The two proposed programmes are:

  1. A rolling programme of top dressing and white lining along the B4386 from the Powys border through Marton, Brockton and Worthen to Westbury. Dates and timings for the closures are available but dates are not reliable as they say they are 'weather dependent. The road closures also cover 6 days of work in a 6 week period!
  2. The same process will happen along the A488 as well.

I am pressing to get some clarity, sense and coordination into the process so that we are not faced with closures simultaneously on both roads. I also want more precise timings and am a commitment to open roads (and drop the 'road closed signs') as soon as they are finished for the day.

I am also going to try to make sure that disruption to bus services on both roads is kept to a minimum and that they are given access as are residents! More to the point we need to tell the guys on the road closure barriers about this!

I have raised all of this with the Cabinet member, the Leader of Shropshire Counci plus the area team leader for the Central Area and the IERr manager. I am waiting to see how effective they will be in improving our lives!


As I am sure you know, Powys elected a new Council on the 5th including a number of new Councillors on our doorstep. I look forward to working with Councillor Danny Bebb (Churchstoke) and Jeremy Thorpe (Montgomery) on key services used across the border such as BC Hospital, SpArC and the Community College.