Heather’s Report for Village Newsletters September 2022

September 8, 2022 2:47 PM
Originally published by Heather Kidd

Heather's Report for September 2022

CROSS BORDER CONCESSIONARY BUS TRAVEL. Although pensioners and the disable can travel across the border into Wales, they can only do so on certain bus services and passengers can't change buses. Together with Colleagues in Powys and North Shropshire (including our MP Helen Morgan) I am asking the Leader of Council at the next Council meeting to find ways to end these petty restrictions so that residents on both sides of the border can travel unhindered.

RURAL CRIME. There has been a rise in break-ins to vans, sheds and outbuildings since lockdown started. Just the other week there was spate of break-ins to sheds in Chirbury.

'Smart Water' is highly effective way of combating thefts like these. It marks your property with a liquid that identifies your unique address. For further information contact your parish Clerk ( clerk@chirbury.org.uk or clerk@worthenwithshelvepc.org.uk) or contact me on the numbers below.

MARTON SHOP/POST OFFICE: The shop sadly has now closed. From 19th September, the Post Office will operate from Marton Village Hall on Mondays from 9.15 till 11.30. The Post office is seeking to upgrade the telephone line to the hall to improve the service. Its hoped to serve tea, coffee and cake as well!

CHIRBURY SHOP: A couple from Churchstoke will hopefully be taking over the shop in the near future. The post office however, will close on October 3rd.

The new proprietors have looked into alternatives so that they can maintain as much of the traditional service as possible. They will apply for facilities for bill payments, phone top ups, cash withdrawals and a full parcel delivery and collection service They also aim to maintain the shop service and a café.

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