March 15, 2023 12:35 PM
Originally published by Green Liberal Democrats

The Annual General Meeting

The next AGM of the Green Liberal Democrats will be held at the Lib Dem Spring conference in York as a Breakfast Meeting between 8.00am & 9.00am in Meeting Room 4 of Novotel York (There will be coffee and croissants!).

In Transition

The new constitution stipulates notice of 21 days for the AGM. That notice says - "Such notice shall specify all business to be conducted at the meeting". Having consulted with the Returning Officer (David Crowther, who will be present at the AGM) - we need to specify the electoral arrangements for the new set of Officers and Exec members.

The old constitution provided for election of Officers EVERY year, with a three year limit rule, but the new constitution follows the Party pattern of elections every two years with a maximum of three periods in office for the Officers (ie six years) and an additional stipulation that the Chair cannot stand again for that office for two terms. The new constitution also deems the term of office to start on 1st January following the election, lasting until 31st December two years later.

The second item on the Agenda, following the Welcome and Apologies must, therefore, be a discussion and vote on the transitional election arrangements as suggested in the following paragraph.

It seems practicable for the Officers elected THIS year to assume Office straight away and go through until 31st December 2024. (Meaning that there should be another set of elections - for a two year period starting on 1st January 2025 - at the 2024 AGM, whenever that is held.) We trust that is acceptable to members since, although it would be for three months less than the full two years, it would also provide continuity going forward from our current set-up.


1 Welcome and apologies for absence. Tim Farron MP has been invited to provide the `Welcome`.

2 To consider the motion:

"As the Green Liberal Democrat group is now "in transition", this AGM shall elect a new Executive which shall take office immediately following the meeting, whose term of office shall cease on 31st December 2024 (ie more than one year, as per the old constitution, but less than the 24 months stipulated in the new constitution.)

Existing Officers may run for office, including those whose term of office would normally cease under the former `3-year rule`, in order to facilitate a smooth transition to Affiliated status within the wider Party".

3 To consider and accept Minutes of the 2022 AGM (these will shortly be posted on the `members only` section of the GLD website for members to access; or may be requested as an email from our Political Assistant, ).

4 Matters arising not covered elsewhere.

5 To receive the Executive Committee`s Report.

6 To consider the Finance Report

7 Election of Officers and Executive members.**

8 To consider the motion

"To accept recommendation of GLD Executive of honorary officers: for an Honorary President and up to three Honorary Vice Presidents".

9 Jennifer Ware Award: (at Chair`s discretion) - in recognition of Jennifer`s long-standing support for GLD during her lifetime, from the inception of the Liberal Ecology Group, as Member No 1, in 1977, to her death. Awarded to "Exemplar(s)" of dedication to the Environment.

10 Confirmation of first meeting of new Executive Committee. (Suggestion 10.30am - 16.00pm on Saturday 15th April.)

11 Any other Business previously notified to the Chair. Email

12 The formal part of the AGM will finish with Item 8 above. This will be followed by an informal discussion looking forward to GLD plans for 2023, as time allows.

** Election of Officers and Executive: The New Constitution says "Nominations for election shall be invited in the notice summoning the AGM, and shall close at the AGM, but not before the reception of the Executive Committee's report. They must be proposed and seconded and shall be in writing, or digitally signed by the proposer, seconder and candidate and accepted by the Chair or, if the elections are contested, the Returning Officer." (The Returning Officer will be David Crowther )

So, please consider who you wish to nominate for the following positions. And, if you wish to stand you need to find a proposer and seconder and submit your nomination via email to with a copy to or send in writing to GLD Returning Officer, 1 Vincent Square, London, SW1P 2PN



Vice Chair Organisation

Vice Chair Policy

Vice Chair Campaigns


Membership Officer

Youth Officer - ("The Youth Officer shall be a Youth Member and only Youth Members are eligible to stand for this position".)


Six (6) Ordinary members

The Constitution also allows for National and Regional representatives to the Executive. It is suggested that GLD members in the Regions and Nations should elect their own reps and the new Executive Committee will review how that should happen when it first meets. (The constitution stipulates that the first meeting of the Executive will be within one month of the AGM. It has been suggested that the first meeting should be an in-person meeting, and a tentative date has been suggested as Saturday 15th April, but this will be confirmed and ratified at the AGM itself.)