Members of the English Council Executve 2020

Chair Alison Rouse
Vice-Chair (RPC) to be apponted
Vice-Chair (Regional Development) to be apponted
Treasurer to be apponted
English Candidates Chair Margaret Joachim
Fed Board Rep Lisa Maria Bornemann
Fed Comms & Elections Committee Rep Iain Donaldson
Fed Conference Committee Rep Jennie Rigg
Fed International Relations Committee Rep John Kelly
Fed Policy Committee Rep Oliver Craven
Fed People Development Committee Rep to be apponted
Member Stan Collins
Member Prue Bray
Member Simon McGrath
Member Brian Orrell
Member Rachelle Shepherd-Dubey
Member John Skipworth
Member John Kelly
Member Prue Bray
Member Kian Hearnshaw
Member Lisa-Maria Bornemann
Member Rebecca Procter
Member Chris Maines
Member Jack Worrall
Regional Chair - (North East) Amanda Hopgood
Regional Chair (South Central) James Read
Regional Chair (Devon & Cornwall) Phil Hutty
Regional Chair (London) Ben Sims (interim)
Regional Chair (Western Counties) Gavin Grant (interim)
Regional Chair (South East) Paul Farthing
Regional Chair (East of England) Lucy Nethsingha
Regional Chair (East Midlands) Alison Rouse (substitute as EP Chair)
Regional Chair (North West) Jane Brophy
Regional Chair (West Midlands) David Craddock
Regional Chair (Yorkshire & Humber) Kam Hussain
English Young Liberals Will Tench