The English Council

The English Council is the Governing body of The Liberal Democrats in England - a federation of 11 regional parties together with the Young Liberals, the youth wing of the Liberal Democrats.

All the members in each region, and the Young Liberals, elect representatives to the English Council, proportionate to the number of members in the Region. The English Council sits from January to December and normally meets three times a year.

Regions and their representatives are listed below. To see who sits on the English Council Executive, which meets on a bi-monthly basis to oversee the day-to-day management of the English Party, please click HERE


DEVON & CORNWALL - Regional Chair: Adrian Sanders

Caroline Leaver, Dave Browne, Jacquie Gammon, Penny Lewis, Vanessa Newcombe

EAST MIDLANDS - Regional Chair: Greg Webb

Anita Prabhakar, Barry Holliday, Bob Charlesworth, Kian Hearnshaw, Mathew Hulbert, Steve Carr, Tad Jones

EAST OF ENGLAND - Regional Chair: Lucy Nethsingha

Adam Robertson, Billy Thompson, Dave Hodgson, Edmund Jankowski, Emma Louise Talbot, Ian Horner, John Shreeve, Jon Whitehouse, Michael Kilpatrick, Nick Hollinghurst, Peter Blackaller, Rain Welham-Cobb, Simon Banks, Stephen Robinson, Susan Holland, Victor Scrivens, William Tennison, Zoe Hollowood

LONDON - Regional Chair: Ann Glaze

Amanda Jeyaretnam, Brian Orrell, Charley Hasted, Chris Maines, David Albasha, David Barnsdale, Daniel Cope, Guy Russo, Helen Baxter, Jon Ball, Joshua Brandon, Margaret Joachim, Mark Twitchett, Matt McLaren, Maurizio Campolo, Nigel Scott, Pete Dollimore, Renu Raj, Richard Flowers, Richard Kirker, Sean Hooker, Simon McGrath, Sheila McGuirk, Steve Sollitt, Tim Verboven, William Houngbo

NORTH EAST - Regional Chair: William Shepherd

Amanda Hopgood, Wendy Taylor, Penny Reid, Thom Campion

NORTH WEST - Regional Chair: Jackie Pearcey

Alex Warren, Chris Twell, David Crowther, Ed Stephenson, Iain Donaldson, James Tattersall, John Skipworth, Paul Heilbron, Stan Collins, Tim Pickstone, Tim Young

SOUTH CENTRAL - Regional Chair: Catherine Bearder

Aaminah Saleem, Anne Winstanley, Gareth Epps, Imogen Shepherd-DuBeyJames Bliss, James Read, Kai Pischeke, Martin Eggleston, Mohamammed Altaf Khan, Mohsin Khan, Nathaniel Eve, Oliver Jones-Lyon, Prue Bray, Rachel Bishop-Firth, Rachelle Shepherd-DuBey, Richard Cole, Samantha Bowring, Simon Pike, Xocoa McGee

SOUTH EAST - Regional Chair: Paul Farthing

Anna Tarrant, Darren Briddock, Dawn Davidson, George Potter, Hannah Potter, Hannah Perkin, Jane Bird, Mark Johnston, Matthew Green, Morgan Rise, Nick Wiltshire, Rodney Jackson, Ros Kissell, Stephen Conway, Toby Keynes, Will Forster, Zoe Franklin

WESTERN COUNTIES - Regional Chair: Louise Harris

Ben Nutland, Brian Mathew, Christine Cockroft, Clare Cape, Crispin Allard, Dine Romero, Fergus Ustainowski, Gavin Grant, James Green, Janey Little, Judith Cole, Kay Barnard, Michael Dickinson, Neville Farmer, Paul Fox, Tessa Munt, Toby Hawkins.

WEST MIDLANDS - Regional Chair: Richard Dickson

David Murray, David Nicholl, Harry Marston, John Kelly, Margaret Rowley

YORKSHIRE & HUMBER - Regional Chair: Kam Hussain

Kamran Hussain, David Hewitt, Derek Wann, James Baker, Katherine Macy, Rachel Barker

YOUNG LIBERALS - English Chair: Joe Norris

Huw James, Jack Worrall, Lucas North, Lucy Tonge, Miguel Smith, Oliver Jones-Lyons

*correct as received on 30.01.23


Our rules state that we have to provide contact details for English Council members so that they can communicate with each other. This is a public-facing site so, as you can appreciate, that brings with it GDPR responsibilities. In 2021 it was agreed that the best method to provide a route of communication was to set up a Slack specically for English Council Representatives. This allows for more managable and searchable discussions where members get to select what they read and respond to.

If you have not received an invite to the EC Slack, or would like some training about how to use it more effectively, please email