The English Council

What is the English Council?

The English Council is the primary governing body for The Liberal Democrats in England and its members. In the Party structure, it sits below Federal Conference and above the English Council Executive. It is responsible for all major constitutional and rule changes affecting the membership, as well as the appointment of auditors.

The Council also elects the:

  • Chair of the English Party
  • English Council Executive (ECE)
  • English Candidates' Chair and the directly elected members of the Candidate Committee.

When is the English Council?

You can find the meeting dates and timetable HERE. To see who currently sits on the English Council, please click HERE.

How is it made up?

Each of the 11 Regional Parties and the Young Liberals, elect a number of representatives on the English Council, proportionate to the number of members they have. In total there are usually around 150 elected delegates in total, including the 11 Regional Chairs and the Officers of the Liberal Democrats in England.

It is chaired by the Chair of the Party and reports are presented from the following Officers and Role-holders:

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair (Standards & Discipline)
  • Vice-Chair (Regional Development)
  • G8
  • Federal Board
  • Federal Conference Committee
  • Federal Policy Committee.

Being a rep on the English Council to represent your Region?

Time Commitment

English Council convenes twice per year on a Saturday, summer and winter. Preparation is required for each meeting with deadlines for submitting constitutional, regular motions and amendments - you can see the current schedule HERE. Papers are circulated ahead of the meeting. Each meeting takes place from 10:30am - 2.30pm (including a half hour lunch break), though time should be allowed for the debates to overrun.


A strong knowledge of the internal procedures and structures of the English Party are of great advantage. Otherwise a keen eye for detail, rounded communication skills and analytical skills are all desirable.


As with all English Committees, reasonable travel expenses above the first £15 can be claimed.