The English Council

The English Council is the Governing body of The Liberal Democrats in England - a federation of 11 regional parties together with the Young Liberals, the youth wing of the Liberal Democrats.

All the members in each region, and the Young Liberals, elect representatives to the English Council, proportionate to the number of members in the Region. The English Council sits from January to December and normally meets twice a year.

Regions and their representatives are listed below. To see who sits on the English Council Executive, which meets on a bi-monthly basis to oversee the day-to-day management of the English Party, please click HERE





Devon & Cornwall

Ashley West

(EC Reps Group Email tbc)

Dave Browne
Gail Bones (Regional Chair)
Julia Fletcher
Penny Lewis
Sorcha Holloway
Sarah Martin

East Midlands

Alison Rouse (Regional Chair)
Anita Prabhakar
Barry Holliday
Jason Billin
Leon Duveen
Oliver Craven
Rebecca Procter
Ross Pepper

East of England

Callum Robertson

(EC Reps Group Email tbc)

Daniel Norton
Ian Horner
Jo Hayes (Regional Chair)
Jon Whitehouse
Joseph Toovey
Jude Deakin
Lorraine Flawn
Lucy Nethsingha
Mary Regnier-Wilson
Michael Kilpatrick
Paul Clark
Sally Symington
Stephen Robinson
Victor Scrivens


Adam Bernard (EC Reps Group Email tbc)
Ben Sims (Regional Chair)
Brian Orrell
Chris Maines
Drew Heffernan
Jon Ball
Jonathan Hunt
Lisa-Maria Bornemann
Margaret Joachim
Matthew Green
Pete Dollimore
Richard Flowers
Sean Hooker
Simon McGrath
Stuart Wheatcroft
North East Amanda Hopgood (Regional Chair - Acting)

Anne-Marie Curry
Ian Jones
Penny Reid
North West Andrew Haldane

Andrew Hickey
Dave Page
David Crowther
Gitanjali Gordon
Iain Donaldson
Jackie Pearcey (Regional Chair)
John Skipworth
Mike Williams
Shehnaz Somjee
Stan Collins
Tim Young
South Central Alistair Keay (EC Reps Group Email tbc)
Anne Winstanley
Bruce Tennett
Gerald Vernon-Jackson
Imogen Shepherd-Dubey
James Read (Regional Chair)
Mohamed Atif-Khan
Mohsin Khan
Prue Bray
Rachel Bishop-Firth
Rachelle Shepherd-Dubey
Simon Pike
Steve Lambert
Vanessa McPake
South East Andrew Knights
Dawn Davidson
Geoff Date
George Potter
Jamie Sharpley
Jane Bird
Mike Ward (Regional Chair)
Nick Wiltshire
Paul Hienkens
Rodney Jackson
Stephen Cooksey
Vanessa King
Western Counties Brian Clements (EC Reps Group Email tbc)
Chris Cockroft
Clare Cape
Crispin Allard
Gavin Grant (Regional Chair - Acting)
Guy Adams
Judith Cole
Kay Barnard
Neil Halsall
Neville Farmer
Paul Fox
Sadie Trent
Theo Butt Philip
West Midlands David Craddock (Regional Chair) (EC Reps Group Email tbc)
Isobel Knowles
Jennifer Pinkett
John Kelly
Morgan Inwood
Napier Penlington
Rana Das Gupta
Yorkshire & Humber Derek Wann (EC Reps Group Email tbc)
Hannah Kitching
Jeanette Sunderland (Regional Chair)
Jim Spencer
Kamran Hussain
Kay Kirkham
Keith White
Linda Johnson
Penny Robinson
Richard Good
Shaffaq Mohammed
Young Liberals Alex Howarth (EC Reps Group Email tbc)
Amy Elizabeth
Billy Thomas
Catriona McDougall
Guy Benson
Jack Worrall (English YL Chair)
James Bliss
Jason Brown
Katharine Macy
Kian Hearnshaw
Simon Mansfield
Thom Campion
Thomas Crawford