The English Party

The English Council is the Governing body of the Liberal Democrats in England and is a federation of 11 regional parties together with the Young Liberals, the youth wing of the Liberal Democrats.

All the members in each region, and the Young Liberals, elect representatives to the English Council, proportionate to the number of members in the Region. The English Council sits from January to December and normally meets twice a year. To get information about each region, please see below. To see who currently sits on the English Council, please click HERE.

The English Council Executive

The English Council Executive meets on a bi-monthly basis to oversee the day-to-day management of the English Party. It comprises of: the directly elected officers and ordinary members of the English Party, the Chairs of the 11 Regions (or their designated substitutes), a representative of the Young Liberals, and representatives of the English Party on Federal Party committees. To see who sits on the ECE please click HERE.

The English Party Officers

The Officers of the English party are responsible for the day-to-day management of the Party in England. To find out more about their roles and the committees they lead to support the functioning of the English Party, please click HERE